Sukari Spirits is an exceptionally perfect hybrid brand that invigorates the senses with its erotic super fruit blends.  Sukari Spirits, a California based, woman, minority, service-connected disabled veteran-owned brand, is an originator and innovator of an all-natural, ultra-premium vodka spirit that blends handcrafted vodka with all natural fruit flavors and vegetable juices for color.  Borne from the idea that customers should be able to drink vodka infused with some of the healthiest fruits known to man, Sukari will provide an expansive line of hybrid spirits.

Drinking Sukari is the perfect super fruit infused vodka spirit experience.  Distilled five times and filtered five times, our expert infusion and filtering method of our flagship flavor, Superfruits, resulted in a gorgeous gemstone colored, full bodied spirit with lush flavors and lively aromas.


Sukari is trendsetting, sophisticated, fun and great tasting.  It is an exceptionally perfect hybrid drink that invigorates the senses with its erotic super fruit blend.  It’s that ultra-premium vodka with quality that’s great alone or mixes well with other beverages.  Sukari’s distinct alcohol strength of 25% ABV (50 proof) combines the aromatic depth and the versatility of the liquor with the power and energy of a health conscious spirit.  And since society is becoming more health conscious, Sukari Spirits meets their health conscious wants and needs by offering a vodka based spirit that is Vegan Friendly, Kosher, GMO Free and Gluten Free with No Preservatives or otherwise unnatural ingredients.

Sukari, the perfect superfruit infused vodka spirit; exceptionally smooth, crisp and all natural with a sexy, bold personality. 


Sukari Spirits is a vodka that has character and a bold personality.  Sukari Spirits are designed to be eye-catching and stand out among all other ultra-premium vodkas.  Sukari blend(s) are made to be part of special moments when people socialize, inspiring conversations due to the ultra-premium quality, style and sophistication of the Sukari brand.  Sukari Spirits vodka is luxurious enough to appeal to affluent customers but accessible enough to be consumed by the masses.  We make that happen by over delivering on all aspects of the product – quality, taste, packaging, branding and price.

The uniqueness, character and personality of Sukari Spirits can be currently experienced in our flagship recipe, Superfruits, and in future blends.  Sukari Spirits take on the color of the fruit juices contained in them, which is unique for flavored vodkas since most are clear and/or artificially colored and flavored.  Our competitors are all single grain vodkas with profiles that are odorless, colorless and consist of single fruit flavors, which are in no comparison to the distinct natural fruit smell and flavor of Sukari.  These factors are what separates Sukari Spirits from most of our competitors, if not all.

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